Emmanuel Ogunleye, President/CEO

Disability Evaluation Services 

About DES

Who is DES

DES is an arm of Nuel Consulting Corporation, a California Corporation founded in 2006 and lead by Emmanuel Ogunleye as the CEO. Mr. Ogunleye was an accomplished administrator with over 17 years experience working for Federal Social Security Administration, Regional Office of Quality Assurance, and has a superior knowledge as a Regional Quality Examiner for Social Security Administration, Disability Quality Branch, which encompasses California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii. He was responsible for the comprehensive and intensive analysis of policy, procedure, and State medical and vocational decisions.

Disability Evaluation Services [DES] is setup to provide quality and professional level Social Security Disability representation to benefit recipients. DES service will concentrate solely on the Title II Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), Title XVI Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI), and Childhood Disability Insurance (CDI) benefit process from the application stage, reconsideration, and through the hearing process if necessary, until the claim is allowed.

By representing Claimants, DES will serve to bridge the vast information and knowledge gap, and help to simplify the cumbersome and ever changing government policies, rule, laws, and regulations, as it relates to Social Security Disability Program.

Mr. Ogunleye believe that:
At DES we strive to take the stress out of the Social Security Disability benefit process; hence, a determined accomplishment and service to the community.

DES Stance:

Due to the knowledge, education, certification, and undeniable experience of our staff (from the application intake process, to the Regional Disability Quality Review Branch), DES is an authority on Social Security Disability. DES has designed a one on one professional service and accompanying web site to attend to all the needs of our clients, and to offer them useful Social Security resources and assistance in obtaining SSDI, SSI, and CDI benefits. We have dedicated our professional careers to help ensuring that eligible disabled clients gets an opportunity to apply for benefit, and those who have been wrongfully denied receive the benefits they are rightfully entitled. We encourage our clients to contact us by using our web based free case evaluation form or make appointment for a face to face interview in our office, if they have potential eligibility questions regarding their claim. 

 DES staffs has expert knowledge in:

 * Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI/title II of the act). 

 * Supplemental Security Income (SSI/title XVI of the act).

 * Childhood Disability Insurance (CDI).

We will support and protect the rights of our clients under the SSA disability benefit laws, procedures, forms, deadlines, and evidence gathering. Our goal is to eliminate the stresses associated with applying for and getting benefit from Social Security Disability, and to hopefully reduce the average waiting time for receiving a decision. This can be accomplished due to our knowledge, hard work, and a first hand experience with the program.