About the Claimants:

Social Security Disability Insurance claimants do not generally apply for benefit as a matter of choice, they are in most instances compelled by their disability to do so. Therefore, nature itself within the parameters of the society and as it relates to the availability of adequate health care, population growth, and social economic factors are a major contributing factors to the increase in the number of Social Security Disability applicants.

Increasingly, the laws and regulations become more cumbersome, and difficult to be understood by the general population that are not specially trained to understand them. Hence, more claimants need the expertise and knowledge possessed by the well trained professionals of DES.

All too often, the Social Security Administration (SSA) wrongfully denies Social Security Disability Benefits to truly disabled claimants. Statistically individuals who have representation for their Social Security Disability Claim win more often than those who are not represented. Therefore it would be wise to consult with an experienced and informed representative (as proved in DES) to have the best chance of a successful claim. In most cases claimants will not be charged by DES unless the claim is allowed. DES services is setup to accept the fee limitation set by SSA. It is necessary to appeal in some cases because most claims are denied at the initial level, but are approved at higher levels of review. It is therefore important to have an experienced and informed representative (as found in DES) to work for the claimant. Also, DES has an expert level understanding of the workings of Social Security Disability laws, rules, and regulations.


Disability is something most people do not like to think about. But the chances that people will become disabled probably are greater than generally realize. Studies show that a 20-year-old worker has a 3 in 10 chance of becoming disabled before reaching retirement age. It is estimated that about 25% of our 300,000,000 general population, or about 75,000,000 of our general population will experience a disabling condition at some point before the retirement age.

US Department of commerce census shows that of the general population figure above, about 1 in 10, or about 30,000,000 will have serious disability that may last over the defined 12 months period. At DES we know that dealing with the cumbersomeness of governmental laws and regulations is highly stressful. Hence, DES is set to represent our disabled.