SSA Review:

In some instances, the Social Security Administration (SSA) wrongfully denies Social Security Disability Benefits to claimants that are truly disabled. At best, the claim processing time from initial level is about six months, reconsideration level is about five months, quality review level is about four months, and hearing level is about eight months; for a total of about two years in some instances.

About SSA Staff:

Social Security staffs represents the hardest working of all Government agencies. The enormity of representing the entire U.S. population could be overwhelming; plus the bureaucracy, litigations, and the ever changing laws of Social Security adds to the difficulties of making accurate and timely decisions. Hence, the needs for the one on one professional service of DES to make sure that you receive the adequate representation that you deserve. We will always treat you with the utmost respect.

DES Knows that:

Therefore, to be determined "disabled" under social security Disability law, the claimant must have physical or mental impairment to the extent that the severity is to such degree that he or she is unable to return to their previous employment due to the inability to perform their pre-injury work place tasks. Generally, the claimant must also have one of the listed Social Security physical or mental impairment. 

DES is Setup to provide a quality and professional level Social Security Disability representation to the recipients. Our service will concentrate about

70% of our service on the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI (Title II)) claims.

20% on Supplemental Social Insurance (SSI(Tittle 16)) claims,.

10% on Childhood Disability Insurance (CDI) claimants.

DES services will cover the process from the application stage to allowance.

DES will serve to bridge the vast information and knowledge gap, and to help simplify the cumbersome and ever changing government rules, laws, policies,and regulations, as it relates to the Social Security Disability Program.

Scope of our knowledge:

Due to our certified, professional, and undeniably superior Social Security disability experience, which emanates from our knowledge the application intake process, to the Regional Disability Quality review process, we believe that we are an authority on the program. DES is set to:

Understand and help meet medical, psychological, social and family needs of Social Security Disability applicants during the application process by referring applicants to appropriate medical services, social service agencies, and working diligently to get their claim approved as soon as possible.

Develop, understand, and apply medical, psychological and social aspects of disability to problem solving Represent Social Security Disability applicants within the process as determined by the Social Security Regulations.

Exceed the national average of those applying without professional representation. Rely on our expert staff accumulated years of experience in working and dealing with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Use a single point of contact to handle your claim at each level. We will keep you informed of the progress of your claim and expedite your award.

Completes all Social Security forms for you in person, by phone and mail. We gather relevant medical records and documents to simplify the process.

Dedicate our representatives to handle only Social Security disability claims, unlike attorneys who typically don't specialize in this field.

Work with SSA and only charge a fee when a claim is approved. We don't require any up-front charges.