Simplified Agreement
Service Agreement:

At DISABILITY EVALUATION SERVICES ((DES) an arm of Nuel Consulting Corporation), we strive to provide our clients with a high quality and timely Social Security Disability Service, for a reasonable fee. We provide representation in a timely manner for our clients at the initial, reconsideration, and at the appeal level before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

What Is a Reasonable Fee?

In determining a "reasonable fee", DES considers a variety of factors, including, but not limited to:

  1. The nature, complexity, and urgency of the prospective client's disability matter;
  2. The corporation resources which will be consumed in the handling of the prospective client's matter;
  3. The amount necessary to cover the corporation 's operating expenses and a fair profit while working on the prospective client's    disability matter;
  4. The prospective client's perception of what is or will be a "reasonable fee";
  5. What other corporations and law firms charge for the handling of the Social Security Disability matters;
  6. Extraordinary time limitations imposed by the circumstances;
  7. The result obtained; and 
  8. Social Security set rate of 25 % of past benefit before any deduction to discount, regulate, and protect the claimant.

Fee Schedule.

DES's staffs discuss with prospective clients, at the initial free consultation, the terms and conditions under which this corporation would be willing to undertake the client's Social Security Disability matter. DES has established fee schedules for regularly Disability business. As the corporation’s staff and their clients discuss the disability services, the schedules are available to the client so that he or she can make an informed decision about work which corporation would have to do.

Many corporations and law firms do not provided their clients with itemized fee statements. DES provides its clients with detailed, itemized fee statements. On hourly fee matters, this corporation’s fee statement will show the date of service, the service rendered, the corporation member who provided that service, the amount of time which he or she expended, his or her hourly fee rate, and the fee charged for that particular service. Regarding matters handled on a flat fee basis, this corporation provides its clients with the same itemized statement, but the time and hourly fee rates of the service provider are not included, since the fee for each service is a pre-established, fixed number.

Fees Discussed.

Many corporations and law firms charge the industry rate for services to Social Security Disability claimants, which can result in several years of installment payments, hence resulting in hardship to the disabled beneficiary. At DES (agent, analyst, or staff), we request payment for services we provided to our clients per Social Security set rate of 25 % of past benefit before any deduction to discount, regulate, and protect the claimant. The maximum amount of which is 25% or $5,300 (whichever is lowest) for Title II claims. In most Title XVI claims and children cases the DES bill will not exceed the maximum rate set by Social Security Administration (with no consideration for 25% or hourly rate as there is usually no substantial back benefit to consider). We believe that this lower fee acceptance will set us aside from other corporations or law firms and give great value to our clients. In some cases, it might be necessary for DES to bill at the hourly rate schedule in effect at the time of service, which presently ranges from $75.00 per hour to $300 per hour.

DES Staff Will Answer Questions.

DES's staffs are willing to answer any questions about the client's fee arrangement with the corporation and/or any bills sent to the client, as they arise. If you have any questions about any of the topics addressed in this policy statement or would like any additional information about the corporation's fee arrangements or billing practices, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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